Weightloss & Wellness Journey
Weightloss & Wellness Journey
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    At 40, my jaw dropped when I weighed in at over 200lbs. Three years and 25 additional pounds later, I'm eager to utilize the analytical skills I learned while getting my Georgetown Law degree to transform my life and win the case of 'Sheila v Food'.

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    You Must Do The Thing You Think You Cannot Do. ~Eleanor Roosevelt

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    Join me as I discuss the top three rules I'll use to lose over 50 pounds in 2018:

    1. Focus on both Weightloss (1-2 lbs a week) & WELLNESS

    2. Do No Harm!

    3. Remember Good, Better, Best

    Until next time, Be Well 

    Start your own journey today.

    Nothing Happens Until You Decide. Make a Decision and Watch Your Life Move Forward. ~Oprah

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    Start now. Start where you are, with what you have. Just … start. ~ Ijeoma Umebinyuo